The certainty of a tested, certified and insured insulation system

It’s a matter of warranty

The thickness of the plaster layer is one of the most important parameters with which to measure the Insulation System performances, because it guarantees:

  • Thermal insulation (decrease of thermal transmittance values).
  • Improved thermal lag.
  • Increase in mechanical performances in case of hail, accidental impacts or application of hanging elements ( lighting fixtures, exterior sun shades).
  • To be safer in case of a seismic event thanks to the continuous structure of the three-dimensional net and of the thickness of the plaster layer.
  • A higher degree of fire resistance, as the thicker plaster layer protects the underlying structure from the action of heat.
  • Improved acoustic insulation (given by the spring-mass system).
  • Ease and quickness of application: you don’t need skilled labor, and the application of the plaster layer is mechanized.
  • A perfectly done work. The thickness of the plaster layer is defined according to the needs. Perfect calibration and plaster leveling is guaranteed.

Test & test reports

Extraordinary tear resistance

To facilitate designer’s task, that is to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the building and its elements in relation to the wind force, we have tested the spideREX K8 system with a specific test program; the aim was to verify the behavior of the System when varying the applied wind force.

In coordination with the Institute for Construction Technologies (ITC) and the National Research Council (CNR), the spideREX K8 system was tested with two types of finishing:

  • Colored coating
  • Ceramic coating

The results demonstrated the “plate-like” behavior of the RXM3 plaster, that confers the entire spideREX K8 Safe Insulation System a significantly higher resistance to wind, in comparison with traditional systems.

Specifically, the test has been interrupted at 1,680 kg/m2 due to the impossibility for the equipment to further stress the wall.

A traditional insulation system finished with a colored coating, reaches values of maximum 600/800 kg/m2.

The guarantee of high mechanical performances that remain constant over time, combined with the ideal hygrothermal behavior, even with finishes from different manufacturers

Maximum safety against fire with the “B-s1-d0 Classification”

The increase in number of civil and office buildings with ventilated walls, has made it necessary to deepen the theme of the fire propagation across façades, focalizing especially on two main aspects:

  • to limit the chances of fire (of both internal and external origin) and its subsequent propagation to facades;
  • to avoid or limit, in case of fire, the collapse of parts of the façade that might compromise the safe leaving of the building occupants and, at the same time, the safety of the rescue teams.

The spideREX K8 Safe Insulation System can also be used for insulating buildings with ventilated walls since it has obtained the “B-s1-d0 classification” of fire resistance, the maximum possible for a system consisting of insulating Expanded Sintered Polystyrene panels.

The tests has been carried out in compliance with the UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 standard, fire classification of products and construction elements.

Maximum safety against fire with the B-s1-d0 classification

At one of the most authoritative European testing laboratories, have been tested the thermohygrometric behavior, the impact resistance and the bonding strength of the spideREX K8 System ennobled by finishes from different manufacturers.

The test wall, transferred to the hygrothermal chamber, has been subjected to 80 heat/rain cycles and then to 5 freeze/thaw cycles, representative of the state of the wall after 25 years. Different types of finishes has been tested with this method.

At the end of the test, the wall showed no sign of swelling, peeling and/or degradation. Test passed.

The impact resistance must be defined according to the deformations generated by a rigid and non-deformable body, thrown against the wall with an energy of 3J and 10J.

The portion of the wall where the colored coatings have been applied, has been evaluated to be a “class I” while the area without finishing, a “class II”.

The binding force has been measured on the wall portion with various types of colored coatings. The different finishes showed the same behavior, that is they did not come off the support (RXM plaster) and did not show any defect.

Insurance policy

The end-user, who has chosen the Safe Insulation System spideREX K8 indivisible kit, can activate a decennial liability policy. This particular policy safeguards the end-user from any potential manufacturing defects and third party damage. Generali Italia spa is the spideREX K8 partner insurance company.