Watch the video about the application of the Safe Insulation System spideREX K8  and the one about the fire resistance test! You will see the advantages of spideREX K8  kit by Rexpol.
Not all insulation systems are the same

Advantages and application

AdvFireges and resistancenn

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To design with peace of mind with spideREX K8

You’re a designer and so you know well the importance of the technical features of a product for the construction industry.  You know how much counts the Energy efficiency of buildings and how essential is the safety in case of fire or seismic events. The more and more restrictive norms have been for Rexpol an important incentive that led us towards researching and developing a revolutionary insulation system. This will change the market of the thermal insulation of buildings.  In this way was born spideREX K8, the Safe Insulation System, that marks the beginning of a new insulation era.

The guarantee of an optimal thermal insulation, in every season and with every tupe of climate

Tab. indicating the thermal insulating performances of the Safe Insulation System spideREX K8 (EPS DARK, 10 cm thickness) applied to the most common types of wall.

*Data resulting from thermal hygrometric verifications, carried on by a licensed technician, referred to the city of Rome (D zone, degree day 1415).



Stationary thermal transmittance (U) measures the amount of thermal power exchanged by a material per unit of area and unit of temperature difference.
Periodic thermal transmittance (Yie) is the parameter that evaluates the ability of an opaque structure to phase out and attenuate the thermal flow that flows through it within 24 hours.
-The thermal lag (ɸa) represents the time delay (in hours) that the thermal wave (heat) takes to arrive on the internal wall.
-The attenuation (Fa) is the maximum deviation of the heat flow from the average value, compared to what would happen if the wall mass was equal to 0.

The guarantee of a high resistance to the wind actions

The wind action iso ne of the most relevant factors that must be considered when planning the thermal insulation of a building.

The wind is a caused by the movement of air masses and it-s characterized by a speed range that varies in time and space casually.

To ease the designer’s task, that is to guarantee the safety and the efficiency of the building and all its components for what concerns the wind actions, we have submitted spideREX K8 system to a program of specific tests. The tests have been carried out  to check the system behavior at the variation of the applied wind force.

Along with the Institute for Building Technologies (ITC) l’Istituto per le Tecnologie della Costruzione (ITC) and with the National Research Center (CNR), spideREX K8 system has been tested, using two different type of finish:

Colored plaster coating

Ceramic/stone coating

The results highlighted the “plate” behavior of the RXM3 plaster, that confers to spideREX K8 Safe Insulation System a resistance to the  wind action that is much more superior compared with a traditional insulation system.

In particular the test has been  interrupted at 1680 kg/m2 because of the impossibility to stress the wall further.  A traditional insulation system with a colored coating resists until maximum 600/800 kg/m2.

The guarantee of high mechanical performances, constant over time


The mechanical performances are one of the strenghts of the spideREX K8 system: the particular structure composed by the combination panel/net/fixings/plaster creates a monolithic structure, very resistant  from a strustural point of view and with a great elasticità.

The high mechanical resistance and the system elasticity are essential in case of:

  • high thermal excursions
  • environmental situations with a high level of vibration, such as areas with large volumes of traffic or near railways or industries
  • wind actions
  • seismic events
  • accidental bumps
  • impacts due to atmospheric events such as hail


Polystyrene preserves for a virtually unlimited time its physical and chemical characteristics, but only  if specifically protected, as in the case of the spideREX K8 system .Thanks to the great thickness of the plaster, in any internal or external environment, dry or humid, and also with extreme temperatures, it maintains over time all the characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation and all its mechanical performances, as proven by the aging cycles carried out by authoritative European institutes.

One of the most authoritative European testing laboratories has tested the thermohygrometric behavior, the impact resistance and the bonding strength of the spideREX K8 system, ennobled by finishes coming from different manufacturers .

The test-wall,  in a hygrothermal chamber, was subdivided according to the type of finish and was first subjected to 80 heat/rain cycles and then to 5 freeze/thaw cycles, representative of the state of the wall after 25 years.

At the end of the test, the wall showed no sign of swelling, peeling and/or degradation. Test passed.

Impact resistance is defined according to the deformations generated by a rigid and non-deformable body thrown against the wall with an energy of 3 J and 10 J.

The portion of the wall where the variety of colored coatings were applied has been determined to be in “class I”, while the area without any finish, in “class II”.

The binding force has been measured on the wall portion ennobled by the colored coating. The different finishes have shown the same behavior, and they did not come off the support (RXM plaster) and did not show any defects.

The guarantee of a greater resistance to fire propagation with any type of finish or facade

The spideREX K8 system is also safe against fire: the greater plaster thickness, mechanically fixed to the load-bearing structure, acts as a barrier against fire, protecting the internal structure of the insulation system, as shown by tests carried out in laboratory.

The March 2010 update of the Technical Guide of the Ministry of the Interior – Fire Department  – “Fire safety requirements of civil buildings’ facades” provides (point 4) that an insulating material in E Euroclass (such as the and the RXL and RXL insulating panels) can be used on the façade if protected with materials in A1  class (plaster) not less thick than 15 mm.

The spideREX K8 system, in case of a building fire, thanks to the 25 mm thickness of the plaster that protects the insulation layer and the mechanical fixings embedded in the plaster itself, determines a self-support of the plaster layer, that remains fixed to the wall. This prevents the collapse of the entire insulation system, differently from  what may happen using other insulation solutions, especially in the cases in which the fire develops from two adjoining windows of the same floor.

Thanks to these characteristics, the spideREX K8 system overcomes the limits of use of the traditional EPS solutions, such as the application on certain public buildings, on buildings higher than 12 meters and on ventilated facades.

The tests  of fire resistance on façades are performed on a 3 × 3 m wall that has been previously insulated with spideREX K8 system; then the wall is subjected to the action of a 300 KW burner for 10 minutes.

The increase in the number of civil and office buildings ennobled by ventilated facades has made it necessary to deepen the topic  of fire propagation on façade, especially for what concerns two main aspects:

• to avoid or limit, in case of fire, the fall of façade portions, that would compromise the safe leaving  of the residents and, at the same time, the safety of the rescue teams.

The spideREX K8 Safe Insulation System can also be used for the insulation of buildings with ventilated walls, since it has obtained the B-s1-d0 fire classification, the maximum for a system/kit consisting of an insulating Expanded Sintered Polystyrene panel.

Tests carried out in compliance with the UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 standard, fire classification of the products and of the building elements.

The guarantee of a better soundproofing

The mass – spring – mass that makes the difference

To improve the level of well-being and comfort it is necessary to protect the building from the outside noise.

Depending on the intended use of the building, the DPCM dated 5/12/1997 “Passive Building Requirements” defines the minimum values to be observed. The parameter to evaluate the acoustic protection from external noise is the Façade Soundproofing  and represents the difference between the level of sound pressure in the immediate exterior of the building and the noise that can be detected inside. Compared with a traditional insulation system, the use of spideREX K8 Safe Insulation System, significantly reduces the noise coming from outside, regardless of the type of wall.

* Data resulting from acoustic verifications, carried on by a licensed technician.

The guarantee of better performances in case of a seismic event

One of the biggest  problems that are emerging in Italy is the one concerning the compliance with the anti-seismic standards of buildings.

SpideREX K8, while not representing a real anti-seismic solution, improves the performances of those external claddings, without any structural function, defined by the technical standards “secondary structural elements“. The norm establishes in fact that the elements without any structural function, whose damage could cause damage to people, must be verified (together with their connections to the structure), for the seismic action corresponding to each of the considered limit states.

In this way, the claddings of the building can be damaged without “exploding” inwards or outwards, thus reducing the risk of damage to people.

Rexpol is currently studying a real anti-seismic solution based on the spideREX K8 system. We aim to make the insulation structure even more resistant until it becomes a real solution, allowing to protect human life in case of seismic event.

Given the importance of the topic, our technical office is available to illustrate all details.

AdvFireges and resistancenn

Advantages and application

Watch the video about the application of the Safe Insulation System spideREX K8  and the one about the fire resistance test! You will see the advantages of spideREX K8  kit by Rexpol.
Not all insulation systems are the same