SpideREX K8, the Safe Insulation System. For you and your clients

The Research & Development department of Rexpol has designed and then patented not only an insulation system, but a real safe insulation system. Every single component has been developped and created to offer, along with all the other elements, the better performance possible from every point of view, always respecting the environment.


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For the designer, the guarantee of compliance with the norms and of achieving the results.

  • better thermal lag, better insulation
  • improved mechanical performances
  • improved fire resistance
  • better soundproofing
  • more safety in case of seismic event
  • eco-sustainability certified EPD®

Guarantee for the building company and for the installer

  • ease and quickness of installation
  • no need of skilled labour
  • guarantee of the thickness of the applied plaster
  • reduced costs compared to a traditional insulation system of equal performance

Guarantee for the end-user

SpideREX K8 system has passed all the resistance and aging tests. SpideREX K8 by Rexpol means:

  • duration over time
  • less maintenance
  • greater resistance to atmospheric agents
  • greater resistance to adverse weather conditions
  • greater resistance to accidental impacts